Israel’s attack on the hospital in Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of at least 500 people, is an escalation of its policy of genocide against the Palestinians. Not only Israel, which disregards international rules of war, but also the US and EU imperialists, who give the green light to this genocide with their support and turn a blind eye to the destruction of the Palestinian people, are also responsible fort his attack.

The blockade of the Palestinian people, depriving them of their most basic human needs and forcing them to leave their homeland is the product of decades of using Israel as a gendarme force in the Middle East and patting it on the back as a useful apparatus.

This is a political immorality.

We stand with the Palestinian people. We condemn Israel’s aggressive policies with hatred.

This bloodshed must stop, the blockade against the Palestinian people must be lifted. Imperialists must leave the region.